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  Mediocrity #? (2003, Malaysia)

1. Introduce yourself and your current line-up. Tell us about your band's history. How long the band had been started? How did you come out with that name and what does it mean to you? What kind of music do you play and what about the lyrics, where did the idea came from to write a song?
- Dav/ mic: Hi! I'm david, still student… never worked hard. All this story began in 1999… We were friends (we're still!) and we just want to make noise… Just few of us knew how to play instruments… We choose Tekken just to make a reference to Doom the english band… Doom was a band and after it became a videogame hit, and we made the contrary… we choose Tekken that first was a videogame… and we ripped off the Doom (band) logo. It was a sort of joke.
About our music it's just fast punk… We're all into hardcore, we all like bands like Spazz, Charles Bronson, Dropdead or The Locust (there's many more!) So we tried to play as fast as we can and make the more noise possible… The lyrics are… ironic… My english is really poor (as you can read) so perhaps it's not really understandable. The only message could perhaps been: have fun (so many bands didn't have fun… they are so concentrate about their style, their music, their "career") and do what you want… in the way that it doesn't matter if you're the worst band on earth, just express yourself.
- Tep/ bass: Hi, I'm patrice bass player.

2. What is your aim of forming a band in this hc/punk scene, is it about money, popularity or else. Also share with us your definition of hc/punk. Are you practicing the ideas in your daily life, how?
- Tep/ bass: For me, it's just one of the numerous ways to be involved in the punk / hxc scene. Without this, I just like to feel the pleasure of playing "physically" music.
My definition of punk/hxc, it's just all about freedom, freedom from chains or barriers put up in our life… I try to keep those "escape feelings" in my daily life.
- Dav/ mic: Yes of course it's just about money, drugs, popularity and sex. Of course it's a joke. The aim was just to be with friends and to have a little bit of fun… I think our aim have changed a little bit from the beginning just because when we start it wasn't a "real" band (if we're now…) We're still here to have fun but now we like our songs! It wasn't the case at the beginning! Ha! Ha! Ha! I think I have answer a little bit in the first question: express yourself… no matter how (fanzines, labels, bands…)
Hardcore is just about "do it yourself" and "no profit"… We're all in a capitalist world who sets "the" rules… Hardcore scene must (or should) purpose another way to think it all… Even if in our lives we're all "slaves" (we "must" work, consume stuff we don't need… even if we try to act differently), we should do it in a different way in hardcore scene.
I'm not sure to practice the ideas in my daily life… We must all do some concession… Just an example we "must" work… I'm in college to be a teacher… so if one day I could become teacher (that's not sure) I will work for french state… But when you're involved in this scene there's always ideas that drives your life. The question could be: are we in this scene because we had all those ideas or have we those ideas because we're in hardcore scene… I think it's both.

3. Hc/punk is about changing the world to be a better place to live on, stand against racism, animal cruelty, fascism, sexism and so on. Do you think by doing a fanzine, forming a band, organizing direct action, involve in any anarchist movement are enough to make a revolution or is it just a worthless embellishment?
- Dav/ mic: It's the examples of ideas that you could (should!) practiced in your daily life… All the things that we could do in the hardcore scene are great. It's all about make aware of all those ideas to people. It's not enough, probably. But it's better than nothing.
- Tep/ bass: I can't answer to this question, and who can be sure is it enough ?…I just consider life as a permanent struggle, whatever the level you give to…

4. The future will be some sort of problem where science and technology require experiments such as human cloning. Do you think God does not exist anymore? Will this sadistic experiment effects the human race? What should we do as a person in the hc/punk community to stand against it?
- Tep/ bass: "It's me god" as Breach said. And if it's not the case, I'm versus him for sure ! because it's another man who think about this, you know… Human cloning, seems for me the beginning of a new area, I don't really know which bad or good one. Actually, with man's intentions on earth, we can expect the worst time for humanity.
We must denounce all this sadistic experiment and their possible future negate effects.
- Dav/ mic: Whaou! Such a hard question! If this interview was in french it could be easier but I'll try to give you an answer… Yes, god doesn't exist, he's got nothing to deal with all those things. I don't know if all those experience could affect human race… nobody's could know it… So effectively it musts stop. All those experiment have one reason: money. It's not for our health, not for "us" at all… We're living in a sad world where science is the most powerful subject… A little bit more philosophy could be better.

5. I've been heard some said that fanzine's editor should put in more interesting pictures in their fanzine and publish with a lot of colour paper so that many kids will interested to buy them. Do you think the appearance is more important than its content?
- Tep/ bass: Definitely not for me, I think appearance is important to let our minds imagine easily things, but contents prevail in fanzine.
The fanzine is kind of "sacral writing" of punk / hxc scene (even if I don't really like the term of sacral).
- Dav/ mic: We have a fanzine too. And even if we do our best to make it clear and look good, we don't care about the appearance. Of course the content is really more important than all the other things. I'm not sure that a bigger exposition could be a good thing for this scene. And all those "artistic" questions are just about that: be known by a bigger part of people. We haven't to adopt the same aesthetic values of the rest of the world just to be attractive. Xerox just rules. A new comer must have been attract by the messages before.

6. Share with us about your opinion on someone who participate in our community, make friends but using his/her friends as a stepping stone to attract people's attention and become well-known in the hc/punk scene. Is she/he really sincere to the hc/punk scene? What should we do to these people, should we boycott them?
- Dav/ mic: It's a real problem here too… I think the problem is everywhere… I just hate that sorts of guys… No, hardcore scene isn't a stepping stone to something else. It must be the only aim. For me, the only thing I could do against that it's just to ignore them (not boycott… there are not in "our world") and told them that they are not an hardcore band (as they seams to think.) Just fuck them.
- Tep/ bass: I really like the word "share" and you use it quite often, it is cool ! Of course, it's not a sincere way to be in the punk / hxc scene ! I think, this kind of people don't really know what is punk or hxc, they don't know about the history of the scene, and they don't care at all in fact. So the only thing we could try to do with them, it's to show them what is really matter.

7. Is there any McDonald's outlet? Have you ever considered to organize direct action against them? Other activities to stand against them? Have you ever succeed in "making punk as a threat again"?
- Tep/ bass: Yes, there is an outlet, like in any jail, there is one. So many times I think about direct action in my head, but in this end and for the moment I just use my right to boycott them.
Different level of activities are necessary to stand against, and weak them. I think about lobbying with big organizations, and of course direct actions who comes from little local groups, sure too…
- Dav/ mic: I'm not into direct action. I'm too cowardly. And I'm not sure about the real effects about all those actions. It doesn't mean that I'm against direct actions… but there's some better than others… I don't know how to explain myself… I just mean that there's some causes that doesn't have to justify themselves with direct actions. Sometimes it's too near from an "army" for me.

8. The conflict between U.S and N. Korea has been going for a long time and it is probably known all over the world, but in the meantime U.S also planning for a war against Iraq. Do you think this is the right way to make peace or they just want to show their power and high-technology nuclear weapon to the world?
- Tep/ bass: I think unfortunately there is a significant difference between the government and the people. In our occidental democracy and like in U.S with Bush's administration, the government has his own interest, who are not the same interest from the majority of the population. We can talk about oppressive power to maintain order for economic interests of a minority, just think about the oil lobbying. Imperialism is not over, since many centuries, and it continuous to oppress the population of the world. Peace cannot be reached by violence and domination.
- Dav/ mic: They just want to make more profit. Perhaps are they afraid because their economic system isn't as good as they want to pretend. All those war are just here to make our capitalist system work. "We" need a war for making money. I don't really know how all could turns. There's a big argument between u.s.a and france now because of this war. Here the government seams to be against war (for what? Because "we" have some money in iraqi's oil?), and American people seams to be offended because they have "saved" Europe from fascism… Sadly everyone uses history to justify what they want to do…

9. Are you sXe'er? What do you think about it? Your opinion about kids who take sXe as their lifestyle. Do you think that there is a border between sXe kids and non-sXe kids in our community? "sXe is a fascist movement", do you agree with the statement?
- Tep/ bass: Yes I'm a kind of sxe'er since few years ago… I just can talk for me sure about that.
So I think that is my better way to live for the moment. It takes part from my refuse of consuming society, and freedom from government control. So, if some kids think by themselves that it's a good way to live…it's cool ! But I don't want to spread it everywhere at all.
People who say that there is a border are wrong I think, it is kind like they reproduce a social discrimination… Being sxe it's not being fascist or whatever, it's all about tolerance first and many hopes for human liberty.
- Dav/ mic: I don't care about straight edge and stuff like that. I'm not. Patrice is straight edge and there's no problem about that. One of our song is about that: "I don't drink, I don't smoke… I just hate this fucking joke"… It's not against this movement, just against all the money this "business" became and could bring now. For me it's just an "adolescent" stuff. All the straight edge guy that I know are a little bit "old" now… and none of them are into provocation stuff (as "we're better than you, we're straight edge" as I read on a t-shirt one day.) For me it's not important. People that don't drink, don't use any drugs are just normal persons. I just judge them about the things they could make or say. It's clear that the all second wave of straight edge movement seams to be really stupid and really far from the first one that have more to say than all the gimmicks that submerge us some years ago. It seams to be link with religion in u.s.a., I think about all those christians bands (Zao, Strongarm, Disciple…), and all that shit stinks a lot. For me straight egde have nothing in common with any form of religion. So I'm not agree with the statement you wrote… except for christians' bands!

10. I believe that we have some problem in communicating each other because not all of us know how to speak in English language. So, how could we communicate with each other when one of us don't even know how to speak the international language? Do we have any alternative language?
- Tep/ bass: English language is everywhere, that's true. And it's the way we communicate all, but we got to keep in mind that is just a simple tool, a tool that we can throw away if we don't want no more, feel free to create or maintain alternative ways to communicate.
- Dav/ mic: Yes, there's an alternative language: Esperanto. Do you know it? It's a patchwork of other languages… But I think it's just a patchwork of occident languages… So I didn't think there's a solution… except direct communication. I think that when you're in front of someone if you want to communicate you always find something. French was some times ago the international language… It's just a question of power, of money… It's one example of one thing that we couldn't avoid.

11. Describe the political situation there. Do you feel safe and comfortable with the system? Do you believe in democracy? How democracy treat the people?
- Dav/ mic: Yes I feel safe. But safe of what? Safe to do what I'm expected to do, that's all. I could believe in democracy if I experimented one. We're living in one of the richer country in this world, so we had chance to born here (even if I'm not born in france!) but it doesn't mean that everything is perfect. The government is corrupt and nothing else than the money you have could make you a man. If you're poor you're just could be treating like shit. I know that it could be a little bit restrictive or simplistic but money rules this occidental world… and "we" take the rest of the whole world for "our" reserve. We'll help one African country (for example, because france had a lot colonies there) just because we have some money to make there. Philanthropy and democracy aren't synonym. But as I said before, yes, I think we have "chance" to live there (there's tons of worth country where you could live.)
For the global situation here in france, economy goes wrong… so there's more and more "poor" people and more and more "racist" people… and more and more cops! Because it's always the alien that focus all the anger (it's a little bit more complicate in reality.) So there's more and more restrictive (I talk about liberty here) or racist laws… and everybody seams to find that normal. But france isn't an isolated example… the entire world goes in that direction.
- Tep/ bass: We are an occidental democracy, our recent government is part of "conservator movement". Overall they have the absolute majority at the parliament. The situation cannot be compared to your country as well, but we could be scared for the future, and for the social progress in the country.
I dream about a radical change of the today democracy, to pass from a government who keeps his energy to maintain order and economic growth, to a proximate democracy made by the people and where the distribution of power does not means to make a career for example.

12. I've been heard some said that someday we will drop all the punk ideas because we will build a family, career or profession and some said that they want to grow up. What do you think about it? When will your revolutionary ideas end?
- Tep/ bass: I've heard about that too, and too much. But all the time I heard that, it is from people who comes outside of the scene. So maybe we are all "sweet dreamers" and one day we will take the place as sheep citizens. But I really don't think so, build a family or take a real job, does not mean stop reflecting and acting in your life…Even if your priorities could change, ideas stays and grows for me.
- Dav/ mic: I think that it's the truth. Yes, we "all" drop out this scene one day… but why the idea? I can't imagine that all those ideas that leads us could be dropped out just because "we're like that"… Do you understand? I mean that those ideas even if they could live and be developed in this scene exist outside of this "world" too… So I won't began to a racist asshole just because I didn't listen to the last "cool" hardcore band.

13. Thank you for the interest in answering all the questions. Before I close this interview, give me some comment or idea about the questions or else. Tell us if you have any new project/releases and how can we get them?
- Dav/ mic: First of all, thanks a lot for those questions… It was really interesting for me… Even if my poor English prevents me to really answer to all.
We have many projects and one with a band from your country (or not so far) Parkinson. There's tons of good bands in your area, so listen to them before listening some occidental bands… For all our releases I hope one day everybody could get it for free by the Web. I'll try to do than in near future. You could also contact us for a trade. Broken Noise have putted out a tape from us… so you could get some stuff with Jimbo.
- Tep/ bass: I have really appreciated your interview and your questions, very long and complete. I feel good to think that people from other parts of the world could "share" the same way like us.
Thank you very much for your interest guys ! Take care.