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  New Wind #7 (2003 - french zine but in english)

Inspiration and reflexion can come from tought out and documented lyrics, but there’s nothing like falsely naïve and silly and goofy lyrics to raise provocation and reflexion. If the Ramones played grindcore they would be Tekken…

1) Hi ! First, you told me Tekken had some line-up changes. Could you tell us about that? Then tell us who are the band members exactly (what they do in daily life, etc.)
- dav/ guit: When we started the band, we were a bunch of 6 friends who were making some noise in a garage. There were Jo on drums, David & J-M on mic., Atho on bass, I played guitar and there was another David who wasn’t playing but were doing projections during our shows (and he still does). David and I were living in Toulouse, the others were in Agen (more than 100 km from Toulouse). Little later Jo moved in Toulouse. The distance that separate us wasn’t easy to meet and to make rehearsals. But it wasn’t the reason why we changed of line-up. Little by little, J-M and Atho (the 2 who lived in Agen) became less and less motivated. Perhaps because they really weren’t into hardcore and they didn’t really listen to the kind of music we were playing. So we finish to separate from them. Tep a friend who lives in Toulouse came and played bass with us. Since and ‘till death we are: David on mic. (he’s student), Tep on bass (he’s student too), Jo on drums (he works at the Médiathèque Assossiative in Toulouse) and I on guitar (I am landscapegardener).
- tep/ bass: Hi I’m tep bass player and I study educational sciences at university, in view to have a social work way.
- jo/ drums: Yo! I am Jonathan, main drunkard of the band. I’m the youngest guy and I’m in charge of the drum parts. Besides that, in the daily life, I work in a collective media library (Fuck, I don’t know how to translate this in french exactly! – Ben)
- dav/ mic: I’m still student personally… Don’t want to work… I have the chance that my parents could pay for this… About the line-up changes, who gives a fuck? Nobody knows us! But if you want the reason it’s simple: we couldn’t support mediocrity anymore… so we fired the 2 bests musicians of the band to be sure to stay the worst band in the world.

2) For how long the band exist?
- dav/ guit.: I can’t remember exactly but we started circa 1998.
- dav/ mic: Too much time…

3) I once read in some interview you joking about releasing as many records as Spazz, it seems you’re not that far from them, isn’t it? Can you tell us you’re discography just like that or do you have to write it down not to forget because you released too much stuff?
- dav/ guit.: If I had to give you our discography I would go and see all Tekken releases I’ve stocked in a safe place! Not only we have done quite a lot of releases, but I also have a very bad memory.
- dav/ mic: Yes, we did more release than Spazz now… and our first tape is sold 75$ on e-bay… just like Spazz… Perhaps we did as many releases as Spazz (I’m not sure about that!) now but for us it’s almost recording tapes… for them it was 7’’ or lp’s… there’s a difference. I’m sure I’m the only one to know all the stuff we putted out… just because some times I putted out one tape without tell it to the others… Ha! Ha! Ha! Cool, isn’t it ? You want our discography? You’ll get it… now you have the choice to print it or not, because it’s long and perhaps you’ll haven’t enough page on your zine…
“all I wanna do is sniff some glue – Ramones tribute” (hd 3’5, Puzzle, 03)
“s/t” (cd-r, Skud, 03)
w/ Amanonn “audio sexual terrorism” (rec. tape, Sexy Witch, 03)
v/a “garaziko gaztetxea live grinding” (cd-r, Olibrius, Peace & Noise, 03)
w/ Suppository/ Sergent Slaughter/ Fate “gore zoo – 4 ways split cd” (cd, Meat 5000, 03)
v/a “noise research program” (cd, Burning Emptiness Inc., 03)
v/a “total rectal vol.1 – a grindcore compilation” (cd-r, Meat 5000, 02)
w/ The Mustang Project/ George Bitch Jr (rec. tape, V13, 02)
w/ Stormcore “iron fist” (rec. tape, V13, 02)
v/a “aspidistra opus.1” (cd-r, Aspidistra, 02)
v/a “Toulouse show sampler.01” (cd-r, Unhurt, 02)
v/a “world wide violence” (7’’, Zas!, Cavalera, Choose Life, Ecatombe, Matchetazos, Feasting Your Death, Asylum, Odio Alpino, 02)
v/a “larsen is asylum” (cd-r, Apatride, 02)
w/ Pulmonary Phibrosis (cd-r, Symbolic, 02)
w/ Agathocles (rec. tape, V13, 02)
v/a “treize” (rec. tape, V13, 02)
“past and present – dischography” (tape, Broken Noise, 02)
v/a “cd 2 : terreur” (cd-r, with Your Sex Is My Drug fanzine, 02)
v/a “5 ways killer tape” (rec. tape, Zas!, Feasting Your Death, 02)
v/a “your mother sucks cocks in hell” (rec. tape, Zezette, 01)
w/ Aghast (mcd, Aspidistra, WeeWee, 01)
w/ Romeo Is Bleeding (rec. tape, V13, 01)
w/ Kuruma Bakudan/ Sickness (rec. tape, Peace & Noise, 01)
v/a “halte au sketch” (cd-r, Ragondain Mondain, 01)
v/a “symbolic degeneration” (cd-r, Symbolic, 01)
“… vous interprètent une reprise de leur choix” (7’’, Freaks, 01)
v/a “recensement d’une musique qui respire” (lp, Potager Nature, 01)
“15” (rec. tape, V13, 01)
w/ Headway (7’’, Paperplanecrash, WeeWee, 01)
v/a “grindcore free party” (video, V13, The Attack Of The Degoulinous Lombricus, 01)
w/ Prime Cut (rec. tape, V13, 01)
w/ Digital Smart Republic (rec. tape, V13, 00)
w/ Tennis Bastard (rec. tape, The Attack Of The Degoulinous Lombricus, 00)
w/ Hugaru Pitopo Poptaries Adventure (rec. tape, V13, 99)
“we killed bruce” (rec tape, Tekken, 99)
v/a “nevermind Silmarils, just a tribute to Upstairs People” (cd-r, Brainless, 99)
And for the next future we plan to do:
Split 7’’ with Pekatralatak, Parkinson (a tape version will be available) one with Frankie Hill (yes, your band mister) + The Mustang Project + George Bitch Jr, split mcd with Jan AG, couple of song on a Murder compilation… And perhaps if it’s possible 2 other splits one with Comrades (they were agree) and one with Hypoptalasias… too much projects… We’ll see what we’ll be able to really put out.

4) I really really love your sarcastic/ ironic lyrics and attitude. I also think too many guys in the scene are morons who can’t understand irony, derision and stuff like that. Did you ever face problems because of misunderstanding of your lyrics and attitude?
- dav/ mic: First, thanks! But my answer is no. We never had any problems with our lyrics… People that likes them just tell us that’s cool… And those who doesn’t just tell us that we haven’t any lyrics… That’s all! Just one time a guys told us that our English wasn’t good… so what? About our attitude some just says that we aren’t a hardcore band… just because we didn’t sound like Arkangel… but: “if this is hardcore…”
To answer to your question, yes I also think that a little bit more of humour could be cool in this scene… and a little bit of self-criticism on what we all do.
- tep/ bass: No I think that people are not so dumb, they know and understand the derision that the band give by itself. About morons, I feel the same thing too, people even in our scene often choose prisons and barriers, when they got the choice, instead of liberty, freedom of speech and acts… It sucks ! But maybe, it takes part from our shitty educational legacy.
- dav/ guit.: Not really (for me). We must believe that there are not so many morons in the scene. I think that people who come to us know already what Tekken is about!
- jo/ drums: I never had problems of that kind now… But David is the one who talks between songs at shows! Drummers never raise peoples’ attention! But if there should be any problem with david I’d be the first to show up, if not, because we are not big muscled guys, they think we’re jokes, they don’t get that we are serious and actually love nobody! It’s tiring me, get out of my head!

5) How does it fell for you to be a French hardcore band? Any feeling of being part of something interesting or just a cheesy scene?
- tep/ bass: I think it’s important to feel being a part of something. The french punk/ hxc scene is going more and more interesting during this few last years, so it’s cool if we can evolute “inside” of this movement.
- dav/ mic: As I told you before, for some guys we aren’t a hardcore band… but it just because they confuse “hardcore” and “metal”… or worth: “hardcore” and “neo metal”… I don’t feel anything special about being a “French hardcore band”… we live in france and that’s all… I don’t feel anything special with this country… but if you really want to know, yes I think it’s an interesting scene! Just because it’s still “small”… there’s not too much “big bands” as it’s possible in other European country’s as Sweden or Deutschland… Yes it’s a teeny scene but it’s more “sincere” like that, no? There’s tons of guys that I like their attitude, and I just focus on those people.
- dav/ guit.: I’m not so patriotic. In france there are more and more bands (and good ones) that play that kind of music. But to my opinion there are still not enough of them. It’s always cool to be a part of the edifice but the scene must grow up more and more.
- jo/ drums: It’s weird, the more I grow up out of my adolescence the less I feel “involved” in the scene, maybe it’s because I’ve seen it all, or I have not understand anything? Whatever I like a lot of people of the scene be they emo, punk, sxe, crusty, or anything else! But I feel less and less “faithful” to HC/ punk… I more or less give a fuck about that even if I like going to shows, reading zines and meeting passionate people. I don’t know if I answer your question (I don’t think so), beside that, I like french hip-hop and cheese.

6) David, I’d like to know how you came up with the idea of starting that awesome tape label of yours (Vendredi 13)? I mean Alex from Suburban Loser told me about some guy telling him his label was not a label because he releases tapes. And Joe Skeletor Tapes (in this same issus of NW) tells us it’s harder to do a tape label than a cd or vinyl label. What do you think about all that? Why did you separate Wee Wee (records) and Vendredi 13 (tapes)?
- dav/ mic: I just decide to start Vendredi 13 because it’s too long to put out records (because we haven’t too much money) and there was tons of stuff I want to put out… It was also because I saw so expansive tapes at grindcore shows… I just want to show to all those “metalheads” of my town that it’s possible to put out tapes with a really cheap price (and a real shitty sound! Ha! Ha! Ha!)… That’s all… Pretentious asshole ? Yes I am. There’s a difference between Wee Wee and Vendredi 13 just because I’m alone in the second one… For Wee Wee we’re two… and all the decision are taken by those two stupid guys. With Vendredi 13 I just could do what I want, when I want to. Without asking the permission of the other David! He’s got his own tape label too! The Attack Of The Degoulinous Lombricus records… He putted out some tapes that I never listen to! He just keeps it for him… don’t know why! (too shitty? Don’t think it’s the reason! I’m sure they sound better than mine! Ha! Ha! Ha!)
I don’t think that it’s hard to do a tape label… I don’t mind about what the others could think… Yes, I do it for myself… « do it for yourself » it could be a criticism but I think that too many people in the scene do things just for the others : how many records of this band could I really sell? If I “sign” this band will my label be cool? Don’t care about all that shit, I just do stuff as I want and no matter if nobody else like it! After it could be hard to find some trades etc. but it’s a tape label and you could record it one by one… so there’s never a risk of losing money! I could put one tape and just send 10 copies of it! No matter! So I don’t think it’s harder… but, yes it’s different! I trade a lot with some guys, some country… and that’s enough cool for me.

7) Ok, let’s start for a True Romance (the movie) kind of silly questions… If you had to fuck with one of those guys who would you choose: Philippe Douste-Blazy or Nicolas Sarkozy? (I’m sure Sarkozy yells like crazy in bed, but I don’t want to influence you.)
- jo/ drums: If I had to fuck a guy (or the other way round of course!) it would be Michell Ramirez from George Bitch Jr/ Monarch… but well, if he wouldn’t exist I’d choose Douste-Blazy! Nobody influences me, dude!
- dav/ guit.: Can I take the both? No I’ll certainly choose Sarkozy. He’s too dominant. He wants to repress so much that I’d love to show him what he is inflected to others.
- dav/ mic: Dominique Baudis… Even if I’m too old for him.
- tep/ bass: Cool I love Patricia Arquette !!!…I repeat this guys don’t interest me, Patricia Arquette will be my favourite…

8) For our millions of readers who wouldn’t know Tekken, could you pick up some important topics you talk about in your songs, and explain them?
- dav/ mic: Millions of readers! Cool! I will pay more attention to my answer now… “Millions of readers who wouldn’t know Tekken” ok, it’s an insult in fact… So easy… So I think our lyrics deal with the same subject than in other hardcore band: how good we are, how bad others bands are, money we want to win, girls or boys we want to fuck, drugs we need to live… just all the important topics! To be serious I don’t know… We just try to be “sarcastic” on some of our defaults… or some defaults that could exist in our “small world”, the hardcore scene… one more time: pretentious assholes? YES!
- tep/ bass: Well, I wanted to say that the most important words in songs are in the song called “le supplice du dentifrice”. It’s above all the rest of topics contains in our other songs, because it talks about the True Romance between David B. our guitarist and his girlfriend Alice. She has a lot of influence on him, and whether all on his teeth. This song was created to force David B. to brush his “bricklayer teeth” (his girlfriend said to us that he never did…) and by my fault, because of my shitty bass technical, not able to play technically this fast song, we no more play this song and it’s a real sanitary nightmare!… We don’t know how could it be so dangerous for young kids who comes to shows, because we never talk to our guitarist David B. before. It’s a real infection… It’s sucks because at every shows, we cannot spread the right way to live : teeth brushed!

9) I’ve heard you happens to play where someone died in the pit?… How insane was it? Was it in Toulouse? Was it because of violence or just a sad accident?
- jo/ drums: It’s an horrible story! I often have trouble finding sleep because of that! But these are the are the risks of “reprezenting”!
- dav/ mic: Yes it’s was so cool! We just killed someone! Sincerely it was totally crazy! All this blood on our instruments… so great! We hadn’t stop to play… I’m sure that this guy shouldn’t want us to stop playing… he paid is ticket too…
“Sadly” it’s not true… it was just a joke.

10) Well, we all know our country suck, but what sucks the most in France, besides French guys doing an interview in English?
- jo/ drums: What sucks is all those people demonstrating in the streets, not even respecting our politicians, moreover I’m forced to walk to my workplace, there’s no more buses.
- dav/ guit.: What sucks the most? Something in these few problems: the government repression (especially by the police, you were talking about Sarkozy just before). The dishonesty of the politicians and the justice itself. The financial imbalances, the government doesn’t know where to find money (one example the problem of the retirement whish is the problem of the moment) when there is money but badly distributed. The inequality amongst the workers (there are ones who are working a lot, who are making hard jobs and earn just few money and who rarely complain, and there are workers who are doing the opposite). There is a lot of racism in france. The selfishness of people who don’t care about the others. I will finish by people who maltreat animals whatever the way they use (they are about make “corridas” in Toulouse).
- tep/ bass: I’ve already answered to this question : People who don’t brush his teeth sucks the most in France and all over the world ! Fuck !…
- dav/ mic: We’re always taking the worth examples to follow…

11) Ok, imagine I would have to direct a huge Hollywood movie about the incredible history of the French punk/hardcore scene. I already know that the script would focus on two major bands: Lofofora and Tekken. Who would play the roles of Tekken members?
- dav/ mic: Les Charlots (it’s just a joke for french guys…). If you write stuff like that, how could people think that hardcore and neo metal is different ! Ha! Ha! Ha !
- tep/ bass: Well, I can easily imagine that this actors could be able to represent and describe well our hardcore way of live:
- Steven SEAGAL
- Bernard MENEZ
- Jean-Claude VANDAMME
- Darry COWL
I let you imagine who will be who and who is the intruder…
- dav/ guit.: Of Course! It’s such a marvellous idea. Generally speaking, we do that at the end of the life of a band or after its death, but it will be great to make it sooner as possible. And I would be glad that it happens with Lofofora which is a band that I really appreciate, I love what they are doing since the beginning. I love Silmarils too if you can manage to contact them.
- jo/ drums: To play my role I’d choose Michell Ramirez cause I think he’s the only guy who really knows me and is as much classy as I am! I love that guy, when I see him I realize to which point I am cool myself. Your question sucks, I’d have prefered a playlist instead.

12) You maybe don’t know but New Wind and worldwide kids are supporting a sandal-free lifestyle (because toes are evil). Do you wear sandals in Toulouse? If so, how about having a drunk squatt punk puking on your naked toes after a show?
- tep/ bass: No I hate that! Seeing my toes, and other ones free overall!…It’s completely provocative on its earth, fuck parasols ! Fuck beaches! And deckchairs!
- dav/ mic: I’m totally sandal free… So I’m with you guys! I will drawn a crossed sandal on my fist for the next show… We must win! Sandals… NO MORE!
The other David wear “tongues”… but he’s the first to puke on punks’ boots. But for drummers sandals could be the only solution because after a show their feet always stink as hell! (The Flying Worker would never forget our drummer, we slept in their flat after one show and the smell was totally crazy… it became a real drug for us, but it’s too strong for neophytes).
- dav/ guit.: David wrote a song called “PC shoes”. He can tell more about it. We are an all star band, so we are wearing Converse only. It’s animal friendly and as you said if a drunk punk puke on it (that happens at least twice a show) these shoes are easily washable.
- jo/ drums: Dude you’re the question fuckin master! I hate the sight of feet so I don’t wear sandals! In Toulouse a lot of people do resort to that kind of foot wearing, mainly bongo players assholes who smoke joints and listen to funk and reggae, and even world music! I hate these people! I wish they were dead.

13) Did you ever answered a lesser interesting interview before? What about skate? Does anyone skate in the band?
- dav/ mic: Yes we did. So you could imagine the result… Nobody skate anymore in the band. Skaters just suck.
- jo/ drums: Your questions are not the silliest ones I had to answer! But you’d have a good position if we did a competition though! Besides that, I hate skate and especially skaters, those fucking little rich kids who smoke crack, rape children, listen to hip-hop and always make noise in the street : “clank clank yeah! Totally rad, fun, yo!”… Get all out of my life.
- dav/ guit.: I think that I prefer to answer funny questions instead of those which are supposed to be serious but they treat about nothing interesting, nothing really important (just like: “kids nowadays have missed something because they never listened to early bands, what do you think about it?” for example). Generally speaking, few questions are not interesting, but you can always find a joke. I think that it is important too, because we mustn’t take ourselves seriously. I have personally answered to one interview without reading the questions.
About skateboarding, we used to practice twice a month David and me and sometimes with Jo. But it was a very long time. I must acknowledge that we did faked photographs. I was quite funny, especially the decomposition of the jump of a car! But I still have my skateboard!
- tep/ bass: You’re joking, it’s very good, this interview is like driving a full speed polluting 4x4 in center town, with his brain in one hand and brush his teeth with the other…
What do you think about selling explosion of 4x4 in town ? Sorry, I just like watching ice-skating women’s dresses on television.

14) If you had to explain where the name Tekken come from without saying it comes from a videogame, what would you say?
- dav/ mic: We don’t play to the Tekken videogame… we prefer Tony Hawk Skateboarding! Ha! Ha! Ha! Tekken didn’t came to a videogame, we was there before. It’s just a reference to the Doom videogame… The only reason we choose this name is for its French signification: “t’es ken”, “t’es niqué” (you’re fucked).
- dav/ guit.: Yes, “Tekken” comes from an old occitan’s insult. It is phonetically “t’es ken” and “ken” is the word in reverse language for “niqué”.
- jo/ drums: It means “look” in kabyle?! I have a playstation and play Tony Hawk 3 sometimes! Do you like the last 50 Cent?

15) Do you think hardcore/punk can change the world, or do you think it’s morelikely to build an alternative community which is different from mainstream society but will never change nor challenge it?
- tep/ bass: Hxc/ punk means people who wants to refuse something, establishment, whatever…It’s a fact. They want to meet and exchange with each others, in a sub-cultural way. And for that, it signify we create something, we can call it alternative community to the mainstream society. Maybe it’s not so different from changing or challenging the society, but I don’t think hxc/ punk is a real threat from capitalism model, for example. On the other hand, every person we are can become a threat, each one in his daily life… As we are a part of it, even if we don’t want to accept this fact…
- dav/ guit.: Of course hc/ punk can’t change the world, but as a matter of fact it is a good alternative to the mainstream society. Even if you follow the main rules of the mainstream society, you control more things and it isn’t wasted by the desire of profit. It’s a cool way for people who chose to get into it, but it will never challenge mainstream society.
- jo/ drums: Hardcore won’t change anything, it’s chicken shit, just like our poor lives! I haven’t answer to the rest of your question, I didn’t read it! I wasted a quarter an hour to answer to all your bullshits! I could have used this time to play bongo or go skate, are you happy with yourself?
- dav/ mic: It changes me (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), it’s better than nothing.

16) Well, okay, I’ve been boring for too long now, I’m gonna stop. Tell everything you like.
- dav/ guit.: Thank you a lot for the interview. Remember that what you eat, you kill it.
- dav/ mic: Good idea… my time is money. Just don’t forget that we’re the “truth of today”… and we have created the “truth defense league” and soon make some “truth attack” with our “truth brigade”. Tekken for life.
- tep/ bass: Thank you very much, I really appreciate your opened interview as well… See ya in da shit !
- jo/ drums: Thanks for your interest, your questions were really interesting… Get out of my head now!